About Global Index Group

Global Index Group is in business to be a leading provider of index-based solutions solutions to institutional investors and financial intermediaries.

Our portfolio will consist of innovative rules-based indicies that will form the foundation for investment strategies that will transform the way well informed market participants invest. The vision, dedication and experience of our people is our foundation for success.


Index (at close 30 Jul 2014) Value Change % Chart
GIG White Swan Index 309.92 -0.02%
GIG Black Swan Index 177.86 0.13%
GIG Mega Cap Index 162.43 -0.00%
GIG Mega Cap White Swan Index 187.41 -0.18%
GIG Mega Cap Black Swan Index 135.91 0.15%
GIG Select White Swan Index 462.58 0.07%
GIG Select Black Swan Index 291.38 0.10%


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